Welcome to the World Mobile Token Docs!
The World Mobile Token Docs cover information such as frequently asked questions, nodes, our vault and World Mobile Token.

First Steps

  • New to WMT: watch our 2-minute explainer video below, which covers the basics of our project.
  • Safety first: please review our Safety and Security information below.
  • Official channels: always check that you are receiving updates from and sourcing information via our official channels.
  • Support: please review our guide on how to create a support ticket.

Safety and Security

These guides are not an exhaustive list of security precautions. Please exercise extreme caution when sending funds and storing your credentials.
  • Only engage with our official websites and social channels. These are listed below.
  • All transaction information will be provided from inside your secure Vault - consider any request for payment from outside your Vault a scam.
  • Store your wallet recovery phrases securely and don't share them.

Official World Mobile Channels


Social Media

Chat Platforms

How the docs are organised

  • Introduction - A great starting point that includes frequently asked questions about our project and World Mobile Token.
  • FAQ & Support - Here we answer frequently asked questions about our Vault, earning WMT and supported wallets, and we provide instructions on how to create a support ticket.
  • Network - In this section, we cover topics including equipment, what is an AirNode/EarthNode and the ins & outs of the network we are building.
  • Token FAQ - Here we break down the tokenomics of WMT and answer other questions about Token Lockups.

WMT in 2 minutes

New to World Mobile? Check out our explainer video, then dive into the rest of the docs:
World Mobile Explainer Video

Guides: Getting Started

Follow these handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible: