Token metrics and distribution

Total supply: 2,000,000,000

Circulating supply: ~361,000,000

Type: Native token on the Cardano blockchain

Decimal Points: 6

Ticker: WMT

Policy ID on Cardanoscan:

Contract address on BNB:

Contract address on ETH:

How is the WMT token supply distributed?

  • Private Sale 2.5%: The private sale for WMT took place in Q2 2021. The private sale tokens are locked for the first nine months following the public sale.

  • Public Sale 10%:The public sale in Q2 2021 was aimed at participants who wished to secure the network by operating nodes and through staking. Public sale tokens had no lockup periods.

  • Early Staking Rewards 2.5%: These tokens have been set aside for incentives and to ensure node operators and token stakers are ready to transition to securing mainnet upon launch.

  • Advisors 5.9%: Advisory tokens which are allotted for strategic work done in legal, technical and business efforts to advance the adoption of World Mobile Chain. The tokens are unlocked evenly over 24 months, after an initial 12-month lockup period.

  • Co-founders & Team 19.25%: Team tokens are retained for the founders and core team of World Mobile. These tokens also have a lockup period after which they are distributed.

  • Partnerships 7.85%: Partnership tokens have been set aside to offer the possibility to create future deals with key partners who may offer strategic assistance.

  • WM Community Fund 2.0%: Community tokens will be used as grants to support unconnected communities to become part of the network.

  • WM Operations Fund 18%: Tokens allocated to the operations fund will support parts of the future rollout of the physical network over a six-year period.

  • Node Operators/Staking 29%: This represents the amount set aside to incentivise node operators and token stakers. Inflation will reduce over time, ensuring higher rewards at the early stage of the network, and the system will reach nil inflation in year 20.

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