Vault Support

Everything you need to know about the World Mobile Token Vault.

Get started with the World Mobile Token Vault the easy way and avoid common pitfalls with these tips.

Setting up your Vault

To set up your vault, you will need an email address and a safe way to store the seed words that are given to you during the signup process.

To create a new vault, go to this URL:

During the sign-up process, you will go through a few steps:

  • You will be given 24 seed words, these allow you to recover your vault. You need to store them securely.

  • You will set a passphrase, this can be anything you want and you will also need to keep this safe.

  • Your email address will be linked with your vault, and you will be required to click a verification link we send you.

Half created vault

If you are getting the half-created vault error, please go to and start with a fresh new vault after deleting the old one (you will be prompted to do so).

You should not have to clear your cache or browsing history for this step.

Please make sure to create the new vault on the device and browser that you want to eventually use it.

If you get stuck here, feel free to open a support ticket.

Vault settings page

The vault has a settings page where various features are available to you. Click the cog ⚙️ at the top right of the Vault to access this section of the Vault.

.JSON file

If you would like to be able to unlock your vault in different browsers or on a different device, you can download the .JSON vault file and use your passphrase to unlock your vault on different devices. Read more here.

View your TGE Participations

If you want details on your WMT purchases during our TGE, you can also do this in the settings panel. Read more here.

Wallet verification process

If you moved your WMTs or bought them on an exchange, you can link your wallet to your vault. This is explained in our wallet verification doc.

How to create a support ticket

If you need help, please go ahead and create a support ticket.

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