Self-data governance

Privacy should be treated as a necessity, not as a luxury.

Privacy as a mission statement

We don’t believe in profiting off our users’ data. We don’t sell personal information or share data with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. The data stored on World Mobile is for our network users' benefit only.

The data, which can be any business or user information, cannot then be tampered with - this is achieved by using Earth Nodes. It is this technology that creates trust. The integration of blockchain creates a decentralised network run by the people and guarantees total privacy.

Boson Protocol partnership

Like World Mobile, Boson Protocol puts self-sovereignty and self-data governance front and centre and is creating a level playing field that empowers all of us, not just the biggest and most privileged. By replacing human arbitrators with a piece of game theory, they’ve created what they call Decentralized Autonomous Commerce, taking the friction out of commerce for people, organisations and machines.

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