Lost access to your Vault?

Steps to recover your World Mobile Token Vault

If you are struggling to log into your World Mobile Token Vault, please follow the Vault Recovery Steps below.

Vault recovery using seed words

To recover your vault you will need your 24 seed words given to you when you created your vault.

Visit the vault recovery page at this URL: https://worldmobiletoken.com/vault/recover

Use your 24 vault seed words that you were given during the vault creation process. You will also be able to reset your passphrase at this step.

When typing the seed words, please:

Vault recovery using .JSON backup file

If you exported your encrypted vault file from the settings page of your vault, then you will be able to import your vault and reset your passphrase at this URL: https://worldmobiletoken.com/vault/import

No seed words or .JSON backup file?

If you still do not have access to your vault, please open a support ticket using the email address you created your vault with and we will guide you through the process to recover your World Mobile Token Vault.

Create a Vault Support Ticket

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