What is an AirNode?

An AirNode is what provides end-user access to the World Mobile network for calls and data. AirNodes can include various kinds of hardware, as their configuration is determined by the needs of each location.

An AirNode could be a Wi-Fi access point, an aerostat or a tower. The factors that determine what will be used for an AirNode deployment include coverage area, the density of devices connecting to that AirNode, overall location and the types of users connecting to the AirNode.

In remote areas, AirNodes will be run off-grid using a solar power system to keep the network running continuously.

Who owns AirNodes?

For sustainability, AirNodes are owned by private entities, such as local entrepreneurs or World Mobile.

The owner, whoever they may be, is responsible for maintaining their AirNode and ensuring maximum uptime, and they can get assistance from World Mobile in the form of guidance and support material in local languages.

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