World Mobile Token

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World Mobile in a nutshell

Imagine what will happen when more than 3 billion people who are unconnected get connected. They will be making calls, watching videos, playing games and using mobile wallets to send money to each other. Each person will be using all these services multiple times per day. Every time they do, they will generate transactions and every transaction will generate a reward – WMT.

On the World Mobile network, customers will connect to and transmit data through our various types of AirNodes. Transactions on the network will be processed on-chain by EarthNodes. EarthNode Operators around the world help by processing network transactions and securing transactions, and they are rewarded with WMT.

When mainnet is live, any World Mobile Token holder will be able to stake to an EarthNode Operator of their choice and share these rewards.

Imagine the rewards from every single transaction on the World Mobile network being sent directly back to EarthNode Operators and their stakers. That's the beauty of the sharing economy.

World Mobile Token is the ultimate utility token for the world's first mobile network built on the blockchain.

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