About the Network

By using off-the-shelf equipment to make network nodes affordable and easy to build, business owners can buy nodes and set them up locally, creating a connection for themselves and others while sharing the rewards. Instructions and materials are created in local languages and distributed to node owners.

Once online, node owners have access to all of the information they may need to monitor and maintain their network. Additionally, we employ local ambassadors who travel to unconnected towns and villages to promote the sharing economy and inform people about the benefits it may bring. Where there is not yet a network, World Mobile will allow village savings groups and businesses to buy nodes and receive rewards from people using their network.

Why has no one else done this and succeeded?

First of all, World Mobile is a for-profit company ensuring that all service providers are properly incentivised to maintain the long-term sustainability of the network. Secondly, many companies have deployed parts of our business already: Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes or restaurants and solar powered nodes have all been field-tested. However, no one has yet put them together as one solution and built a hybrid mobile network for mass adoption.

We built our network to be technology-agnostic and welcoming to all existing and new node operators to create a truly inclusive connection solution and business opportunity.

Read more about our approach here.

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