How to link your wallet to the Vault

There are various instances where you will need to verify your WMT wallet. For example, if you move your WMT out of the wallet you received it in, or multiple vaults sent their WMTs to the same wallet, or you bought WMT from an exchange, then you will need to verify ownership of the wallet for staking.

The wallet verification, or proof of ownership, is a small transaction of a certain amount of ADA that is provided in the vault (a different amount for each one that you and only you would know).

As always only get information from payments inside the World Mobile Token vault on - we will never ask for payment from any other place, definitely not Telegram.

In order to verify your wallet you will need access to:

  1. Your compatible Cardano Wallet that holds your WMT - please do not try to stake from an exchange wallet. Read more about compatible wallets.

Inside your vault, you should have a wallet address section like below for Staking (which is separate from EarthNode Reservations). If you already have a pending wallet for Staking, please click the trash can on the right-hand side to delete this, leaving you with a fresh field to verify your WMT address.

Please note: if you click the trash button on an address you are already using for staking or EarthNodes, you will lose the Staking slot and rewards, and/or, your EarthNode reservation and any rewards. Proceed with caution if and don't delete any verified addresses.

In order to "verify" your wallet, you need to enter your wallet address in the wallet address field.

In most cases, your wallet address will work, but if you have tried before to verify your wallet create a new empty address inside the same wallet that you have your WMTs in. For example, go to your wallet and go to the receive tab. Find an unused address where there is no ADA balance (0 ADA). Then copy/paste this fresh address to the Wallet address field in your vault. Please note this is not possible in wallets with a single address like Nami. There is an example of where to enter your wallet address in the screenshot above.

You will then see a very specific amount of ADA to transfer to this address you added in the vault, normally 1.5 - 1.7 ADA.

This is a transaction within your own wallet i.e. you are transferring the specific amount of ADA shown in the vault to your own wallet.

Pro tip: Please keep fees in mind.

Your wallet will add the fees on top of the amount of ADA you want to send, so when you send the ADA, enter the exact total amount shown in the vault to your sending amount and the fees will be added on top. Go to the "send" tab in your wallet, then copy/paste the Wallet address you entered into the vault into the "receiver" field. Then enter the exact amount of ADA into the "amount" field.

Then after a short while, your wallet will be verified in the vault, then you will be able to participate in future staking or EarthNode reservations.

Make sure you do not send all tokens if you are using a wallet that offers this feature.

The system verifies the wallet address periodically by checking the total balance in the address specified in the vault. If you did this right it should take 3-6 minutes or so to get your wallet verified.

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