What is an EarthNode?

EarthNodes are defined as the processors of the core logic of the World Mobile Chain. They function as the brain of the system that interconnects all the other types of nodes and are composed of a number of software modules, communicating through a central module called the Internode API.

Other EarthNode modules provide an authentication layer (Decentralised Identity module), a ledger layer (blockchain module), and a telecommunications layer (telecom module). The Decentralised Identity (DID) module provides the interface to a digital ID solution. In the blockchain module, a distributed ledger records all the transactions that take place on the network.

Unlike AirNodes, EarthNodes do not have any geographical restrictions. This means it is possible to run an EarthNode and support the World Mobile network from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to read more head over to https://docs.worldmobile.io/

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