How are WMT and World Mobile linked?

World Mobile: Network

The World Mobile network is enabled by World Mobile nodes:

  • AetherNodes connect to existing legacy telecommunications networks.

  • EarthNodes are used to validate and secure the network.

  • AirNodes provide connectivity and Internet access to the end-user.

People or communities will be able to purchase an AirNode from World Mobile to connect their local communities to the Internet, or they can simply build their own.

World Mobile Token: Sharing Economy

World Mobile Token (WMT) is the utility token that powers the World Mobile network.

AirNode and EarthNode Operators will earn WMT rewards from the transaction fees paid by people using the network and as inflation rewards.

Transaction fees are paid to EarthNode Operators in WMT. In turn, operators can then share these rewards with the stakers who delegated WMT to their nodes.

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