Claiming staking rewards

All about claiming your Staking rewards and any fees involved with the process
If you have earned staking rewards, you claim your rewards and send them to your Cardano wallet.
Staking Rewards FAQs
Will my WMT still be staked if I claim my staking rewards?
You are able to claim your rewards and transfer them to your wallet without losing your stake, but this must be the same wallet as where your WMT is being staked. The important thing is that your total WMT balance between your wallet and the WMT held in your Vault does not go below the amount staked. For example:
  • If you have 100 WMT staked in your Cardano wallet, and you have 50 WMT in rewards that you have earned, but not claimed, your stake is 150 WMT.
  • If later you claim your rewards, your Cardano wallet balance is 100 WMT and your claimed rewards are 50 WMT, so your stake will still be 150 WMT.
  • Once claimed rewards are sent to you, your Cardano wallet balance will be 150 WMT and your pending rewards will be 0 WMT. So your stake will still be 150 WMT.
Claiming WMT rewards or the rewards distribution will not result in losing your staking rewards.
What would cause my stake to be lost?
You will lose your staking rewards if you delete the staking address inside the Vault or remove enough WMT from your Cardano wallet to drop below the staked amount.

How to claim staking rewards

  • Enter your Vault dashboard, click CLAIM and follow the instructions inside the Vault.
  • Send the exact amount of specified ADA to the address given to you inside your Vault.
Pro tip: Do not change the amount you send - fees will be added on top of the amount automatically in your wallet, i.e. the total transaction cost will be more than the verification amount, but the amount you send should be exactly what is shown in the Vault.
Pro tip 2: The ADA verification fee is sent back to you with your WMT rewards.
  • If this transaction is done correctly, you will receive rewards to the address that you used for staking in the next batch of rewards payments. Please note rewards payments are done on a monthly cycle, so you will need to wait until the next batch of payments to receive your rewards.

When are claimed staking rewards sent?

If the verification amount (that is given to you inside the Vault) is received before the 10th of the month at 11:00 UTC, your rewards will be sent in the next batch (usually the same business day or one or two business days after).
The rewards distribution is a monthly event, and the payments are done in batches throughout the day and (sometimes) the following day.

Why can't you claim rewards if you have already sent the verification amount?

The claim rewards feature is reset each time rewards are sent. If you have already claimed and received staking rewards you will need to follow the rewards claiming process again.
This is because the ADA verification amount is then used to send the rewards back to you. We can not send WMT rewards without this verification, and you will get your verification payment sent back to you with your WMT rewards.